Our Cytology Department diagnoses many thousands of gynecological (PAP smears) and non-gynecological specimens per year. Our dedicated staff of cytopathologists, with many years of experience, support our committed team of certified cytotechnologists. We use automated liquid-based ThinPrep technology, and are fully supported for cell blocks and special studies by our histology and IHC laboratories.


Benefits of the liquid-based technology:

  • Easy collection protocol
  • Specimen quality significantly improved over conventional pap smear preparation.
  • Significantly more effective than conventional pap smears for the detection of high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL).


Benefits of the T-5000 Autoloader

  • 1 Chain of Custody Processing for all specimens
  • Slide etched from barcode on specimen vial
  • Etched barcode is read by the Imager Duo and automated microscopes to continue 1 chain of custody throughout the entire process.


Computer Assisted Pap Smears:

  • Utilizing the Hologic Imager Duo and automated microscopes, we are able to offer the best combination of professional skills, as well as computer-assisted technology in the fight against cervical cancer.


Benefits of Imaging:

  • Enhances review capabilities.
  • Highlights abnormalities that may otherwise be overlooked.
  • Reduces false negatives.
  • Increase the detection of HSIL.
  • Enhances sensitivity and improves specificity.



  • Follow-up letters on high grade results
  • Correlation of biopsies and pap results
  • Monthly statistical reports to include percent of unsatisfactory, abnormal and negative cases
  • Our Cytology department also performs testing on non-GYN, including:
    • Fine Needle Aspirates
    • Body Cavity fluids
    • Brushings, needle smears and punches from all varieties of radiologically guided procedures