To pay your Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories bill online, you will need your account number from your billing statement.

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You may also pay your bill securely by credit card by calling WDL Billing at 414-805-7656 or 888-611-3904.


A Guide to Your Laboratory Bill

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories would like to help you understand our billing process. This page covers helpful information about working with your insurance company, the reasons why some insurance companies deny coverage, why patients are billed and why it takes a while for patients to receive their first bill.


Notice to Providers: Documentation and Signature Requirements


Laboratory services provided at Froedtert Hospital locations will include a facility fee. These locations include: Froedtert Hospital Center for Advanced Care, Froedtert 87th St. Specialty Clinics Lab, Froedtert Hospital 92nd Street Lab. These services will be billed by Froedtert Hospital.


Other locations will not include a facility fee:

  • Laboratory services provided at Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories locations will billed by Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories.
  • Laboratory services provided at health center locations will be billed by Froedtert & MCW Community Physicians.

Billing FAQs

Why Have I Received a Bill From Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories?

  • The balance due is a co-insurance, co-payment or deductible amount. This is the amount due from you as determined by your insurance plan. Please review your policy. Deductibles must be paid before the insurance company will begin to make payments.
  • There are diagnosis issues. In addition to needing to know what service you received, insurance companies need to know why you received the service. Your physician must supply a diagnosis code that supports the reason why the test was ordered.
  • We have not received a response from your insurance company. When an insurance company does not respond with a payment or denial, the patient receives a billing statement. It is then your responsibility to resolve this matter with your insurance company
  • The insurance company is unable to identify the patient due to an incorrect name or ID number. Insurance companies are unable to identify you when the name and ID number on the claim is not an exact match with the name and ID number listed on the insurance card.


Why Has My Bill Been Delayed?

  • We experience delays in getting correct, complete and current billing information.
  • Your insurance carrier requests additional information, and additional time is spent responding to correspondence and other requests.
  • The wrong insurance information was given. We do not have your correct insurance coverage information for the date of service being billed.
  • Insurance companies typically respond within sixty (60) days of the first billing with payment, denial or a request for more information. Once the requested information has been supplied, often taking 60 - 90 days to obtain, the insurance cycle begins again. Due to this process, you may receive a bill as late as seven months after the date of service.


What is an Advance Beneficiary Notice?

  • The Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) is a form that lets you know you may have to pay for a test if Medicare will not pay for it. Once you sign the ABN, you may receive a bill from Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories for the price of the test.


Why did my insurance company deny my claim?

Your claim may not have provided the correct required information such as:

  • The patient's first and last name as it appears on the insurance ID card
  • Valid diagnosis code(s)
  • The insurance ID or Group numbers
  • The name of the policy holder
  • The policyholder's relationship to the patient
  • The Insurance company claim address


How do I pay my bill or contact the Billing Department?

  • To contact the Billing Office, please call 414-805-7656 or 888-611-3904 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CST) Monday – Friday.