About Our Labs & Services

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing from Routine to Complex

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories provides expert, full service laboratory services to our clients.

Patient care is our top priority, from test orders to transportation of specimens to reporting of test results. We perform over 5 million tests annually with test capabilities that match the largest labs in the world, providing expert academic care in every community. We combine our robust Test Directory and expert faculty and staff with compassionate customer care and unparalleled logistical support. 

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Our Vision

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories will be the choice provider of these services throughout the region by relentlessly pursuing breadth, depth and accuracy in our diagnostics capabilities and exceptional support of our clients and patients.

Our Mission

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories is dedicated to optimizing patient care by providing patient-centric, quality, innovative medical laboratory testing.

Put Patients First

We understand that both providers and patients rely heavily on the information provided by our laboratories. We put the patient at the center of everything we do

Put Clinicians in Control

From providing our clients flexibility in their chosen connectivity solution to industry-leading turnaround time, we make faster treatment decisions possible


Put Care over Cost 

We provide transparent billing policies that take the frustration out of laboratory services