anatomic pathology

Anatomic pathology services are the cornerstone of all treatment decisions and patient management in medicine, and play a critical role in our health care delivery system. 


With modern advances in science, the role of the anatomic pathologist has increased in complexity and sophistication. This increased complexity has mandated the need for sub-specialization in what was otherwise a field dominated by generalists.


The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Pathology has taken a lead in converting our practice to a strict sub-specialty practice in Anatomic Pathology. For the past 8 years the department has transitioned to a complete sub-specialty system for the sign-out of surgical pathology specimens. We are the only group in the State of Wisconsin that currently does complete sub-specialty sign-out in surgical pathology, with all cases being triaged to dedicated groups of specialists who are up-to-date in their respective fields of expertise and provide the highest level of support for the clinical and surgical teams they serve at Froedtert Hospital.


The sub-specialty-driven expert sign-out system, coupled with state-of-the-art immunohistochemistry and molecular lab, guarantees the highest level of accuracy and consistent quality in diagnosis for the various subspecialties