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Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories specializes in delivering comprehensive, clinical laboratory services to a variety of clients from large tertiary care centers to small community practices. We are very proud to offer one of only a few pure sub-specialty Pathology Departments. Also, our Long Term Care Division provides laboratory services to hundreds of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and group homes throughout the region.



Client Supply Order Form

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories is committed to making sure your specimens are collected and handled in a manner ensuring that they can be accurately processed in our laboratory. For this reason, we provide clients with Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories specific supplies for the collection of specimens that will be submitted to our laboratory.


Supply Request Forms

Supply Request Forms are provided to all our clients. For your convenience, our supply request form is available for download.


Once you complete the Supply Request Form, send it to our main laboratory via the Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories courier or simply fax it to 414-805-7660 or toll free to 877-854-5249.



Our supply forms are available:
Client Supply Order Form

FMCCP Supply Order Form


Transportation Services

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories prides itself on picking up specimens on time, every time. We employ more than 70 route representatives who are trained in appropriate specimen handling techniques — including cooler, dry ice and biohazardous material — and log more than one million miles per year between Green Bay, Madison and Chicago. We schedule our routes to meet the needs of our providers — which include acute care hospitals, specialty hospitals, VA hospitals, long-term care facilities and physician offices — and can use our in-house dispatching and mobile technology to reroute drivers as needed for STAT calls.


Client Services

For answers to your questions about test requirements, results availability, clinical services or any other question, the Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories Client Services department is available 24/7. Staff by expert medical technologists, our staff is ready to take your call to assist you.


Our Client Services Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All representatives are experienced in answering a wide variety of hospital, physician and patient questions and can find any information you need.


Client Services numbers:




At Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories, quality is at the center of our testing. We provide the highest quality tests in a timely manner, and we are continuously improving our level of patient care.



Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories works with each individual provider to determine the preferred method of reporting. Reports are sent to doctors via fax, hand delivery, or electronic interface. We have the capability to interface with multiple systems, and can provide preliminaries for physicians if requested. When necessary, we report the occurrence of certain diseases to the state laboratory.



Physicians may desire a consultation with one of our pathologists. We have medical directors for each of our specialty areas who are available to discuss results with providers and provide answers to their questions.



Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories holds multiple accreditations and certifications.

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Practice Connectivity Solutions

We utilize Informatics with the assistance of the country’s leading health information exchange portals. These portals make it easy for you to order tests, access results and communicate with our team of experts.