2018 updates

12.19.2018.  WDL is updating Testosterone test offerings.


12.17.2018.  Free Phenytoin and Free Valproic Acid testing is being done by WDL in-house.


12.05.2018.  WDL has implemented the Carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii test to assist in preventing the spread of this multi-drug resistant organism.


12.05.2018.  Bordetella Testing Update.


11.29.2018.  WDL will begin sending Complement CH50 testing to ARUP Laboratories.


11.28.2018.  WDL will update the patient history information that is required prior to placing an order for Maternal Serum Screening Tests.  


11.21.2018  Heparin Level Unfractionated Stability Update.


11.21.2018.  WDL is updating tumor marker testing by replacing CA27.29 with CA15-3.


11.12.2018.  WDL will begin sending specimens for Free Phenytoin and Free Valproic Acid testing to ARUP Laboratories.  


09.10.2018.  WDL will be changing the units on BK Viral Load testing from copies/mL and Log copies/mL to IU (International Units)/mL and Log IU/mL. 


09.04.2018.  WDL Microbiology & Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is transitioning from enzyme immunoassay-based testing to real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction testing for simultaneous detection and differentiation of Shiga-toxin producing Escheria coli with genes stx 1 and/or stx 2.  


07.17.2018.  Lipase and Creatine Kinase specimens with high concentrations that require dilution will be initially reported as a greater (>) result.  


06.19.2018.  WDL will offer a new HIV screening test which will allow improved workflow, turn-around time, and equivalent clinical performance.  


05.01.2018.  WDL will begin sending Fentanyl, Methadone, Tramadol, and Methaqualone Urine, Quantitative tests to a reference laboratory.  


04.20.2018.  Important notice regarding 2.7 mL Sodium (Na) Citrate Tube.  Becton Dickinson has issued an urgent notice regarding their 2.7 mL Sodium (Na) Citrate Tube and fill volume.  


03.08.2018.  The FDA has issued a Safety Communication to caution patients, laboratorians and health care providers about the potential of Biotin Interference with certain laboratory tests.  


03.01.2018.  Group A Strep is the most common cause of acute pharyngitis.  


02.01.2018.  Serum Drug Screens for Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines will no longer be performed at WDL.  


01.03.2018.  WDL will be performing Celiac Disease serology using an in-house assay on the BioPlex 2200.  


01.03.2018.  WDL Microbiology/Molecular Diagnostics Department will be performing in-house testing for Lyme Antibodies.