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We are the only group in the State of Wisconsin that currently does complete sub-specialty sign-out in surgical pathology, with all cases being triaged to dedicated groups of specialists who are up-to-date in their respective fields of expertise and provide the highest level of support for the clinical and surgical teams they serve. The sub-specialty-driven expert sign-out system, coupled with state-of- the-art immunohistochemistry and molecular lab, guarantees the highest level of accuracy and consistent quality in diagnosis for the various sub-specialties.

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World Class Specialists

Steven H. Kroft

Steven H. Kroft, MD

Professor and Chairman, Department of Pathology; Executive Vice Chair; Residency Program Director;Read More

Saul Suster

Saul Suster, MD

Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory MedicineRead More

Alexander C. Mackinnon, Jr.

Alexander C. Mackinnon, Jr., MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology; Director, Clinical and Translational Research Core LabRead More

Jason A. Jarzembowski

Jason A. Jarzembowski, MD, PhD

Associate Professor and Chief of Pediatric Pathology; Medical Director – Pathology andRead More

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