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Providing academic pathology to every community

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories prides itself on being one of the premier academic pathology groups in the country, providing subspecialty consultations in nearly every area in the field. Our pathologists are leaders in both practical and research-based pathology initiatives, offering their expertise for consultation.


Please browse through our team of experts below and reach out to any of them to discuss how WDL can partner with you to support your practice. For information on our consultative pathology billing practices please click here

Steven H. Kroft

Steven H. Kroft, MD

Professor and Chairman, Department of PathologyRead More

Saul Suster

Saul Suster, MD

Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory MedicineRead More

Alexander C. Mackinnon, Jr.

Alexander C. Mackinnon, Jr., MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology; Director, Clinical and Translational Research Core LabRead More

Jason A. Jarzembowski

Jason A. Jarzembowski, MD, PhD

Associate Professor and Chief of Pediatric Pathology; Medical Director – Pathology andRead More

Catherine E. Hagen

Catherine E. Hagen, MD

Assistant Professor of PathologyRead More

Alexandra M. Harrington

Alexandra M. Harrington, MD

Professor of Pathology; Director of HematopathologyRead More

Bryan C. Hunt

Bryan C. Hunt, MD

Assistant Professor of PathologyRead More

Kenneth Alan Iczkowski

Kenneth Alan Iczkowski, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology and UrologyRead More

Elizabeth J. Cochran

Elizabeth J. Cochran, MD

Professor of Pathology; Director of Neuropathology; Director of Autopsy ServicesRead More

Patrick Gardner

Patrick Gardner, MD

Assistant Professor of PathologyRead More

Tamara Giorgadze

Tamara Giorgadze, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology; Director of Cytopathology; Director of Cytopathology Fellowship ProgramRead More

Mamta Pant

Mamta Pant, MD

Assistant Professor of PathologyRead More

Michael W. Lawlor

Michael W. Lawlor, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology; Director, Pediatric Pathology Neuromuscular LaboratoryRead More

Julie Jorns

Julie Jorns, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology; Director of Breast PathologyRead More

Juan Felix

Juan Felix, MD

Professor of Pathology, Director of Anatomic PathologyRead More

John Astle

John Astle, MD, PhD

Medical Director, ImmunohistochemistryRead More

Ashley Cunningham

Ashley Cunningham, MD

Assistant Director of Coagulation Laboratory ServicesRead More

Olayemi Sokumbi

Olayemi Sokumbi, MD

Director of DermatopathologyRead More

Nathan Ledeboer

Nathan Ledeboer, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology Medical Director of Microbiology and Molecular DiagnosticsRead More

Blake Buchan

Blake Buchan, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology, Associate Director of Clinical MicrobiologyRead More