White Blood Cell Count 
Mnemonic WBC
CPT 85048†
Test Code 2000100
Synonyms WBC, Leukocyte Count
Test Includes  
Specimen Whole Blood
Volume 4.0 mL
Container Lavender Top (EDTA) Tube
Special Instructions   Invert immediately 8-10 times and mix with anticoagulant.
Specimen Prep Do NOT centrifuge. Invert immediately and mix with anticoagulant.
Storage Room Temperature, preferred or Refrigerate
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 24 hours
Stability Refrig 24 hours
Stability Frozen Unacceptable
Methodology Automated Cell Counter
Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value Adult Normals (>21 y): 3.9 - 11.2 x 10e3/µL 
Performed/TAT Monday - Sunday