Vitamin K1 
Mnemonic VITK
CPT 84597
Test Code 3550855
Synonyms Phylloquinone; Phytonadione
Test Includes  
Specimen Serum Protected From Light
Volume 1.5 mL
Container SST or Red Top Tube
Special Instructions PROTECT FROM LIGHT. Patient should fast overnight for 12 hours and should not consume alcohol for 24 hours prior to blood draw.
Specimen Prep Protect from light during collection, storage and shipment. Centrifuge* within 1 hour of collection. Transfer serum to Amber Screw Cap Tube. Freeze
Storage Freeze and Protect From Light
Transport Temp Frozen. Protect From Light.
Stability Rm Temp 4 hours
Stability Refrig Unacceptable
Stability Frozen 3 months
Methodology High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)/Electrochemical (EC) Detection
Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value 0.22 - 4.88 nmoL/L 
Performed/TAT Sunday - Friday   Reported in 5-7 days    
Comments Submit separate frozen samples when requesting multiple tests on the same specimen.