Strep Group B Nucleic Acid Amplified Test 
Mnemonic GBS NAAT
CPT 87653
Test Code 7000012
Synonyms Beta Strep Group B PCR, Strep Group B screen, Beta Strep NAAT, GBS, Streptococcus Group B
Test Includes  
Specimen Vaginal AND Rectal Swab
Container Red-Capped Bacterial Transport Dual Swab with Liquid Stuart's medium
Special Instructions Swab both vaginal and rectal areas for optimal detection of Strep Group B colonization.
Specimen Prep VAGINAL/RECTAL: Using culture swab, collect specimen from the distal vagina. Using the same swab, collect specimen from anal crypts just inside anal ring. Avoid fecal contamination as much as possible.
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 24 hours
Stability Refrig 6 days
Stability Frozen  
Methodology Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Rejection Criteria Inappropriate specimen, inappropriate transport device, delay in transport 
Reference Value Negative 
Performed/TAT Monday - Sunday   Within 2 hours from receipt in the Microbiology Laboratory    
Comments This test is recommended for use in testing women who are in labor and have had no previous screening. For routine screening, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines recommend screening at 35-37 weeks gestation using culture-based methods. See Strep Group B Screen (C GRP B) and Strep Group B Screen, Penicillin-Allergic Patient (GRP B PCN) for culture screening method.