Quantitative Duodenal Aspirate Culture 
Mnemonic C DDA
CPT 87071, 87073, 87102
Test Code 6000539
Test Includes Culture for aerobic, anaerobic, and fungal organisms, including isolation, quantitation, and identifcation (additional charges/CPT code[s] may apply).
Specimen Duodenal aspirate submitted under anaerobic conditions
Volume 2.0 mL
Container Sterile Syringe (air removed) or Sterile Red Top Vacuatainer Tube
Special Instructions Due to special set up procedures, Dynacare Microbiology Department (414) 805-7570 must be notified prior to collection. Specimen must be stored at room temperature and submitted as soon as possible. Specimens cannot be accepted in Microbiology after 7 pm.
Specimen Prep Submit 2.0 mL (1.0 mL minimum) in a sterile syringe. Remove needle, cap and submit syringe. Alternatively, inject specimen into a sterile Red Top Tube.
Storage Room Temperature
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 24 hours
Stability Refrig Unacceptable
Stability Frozen Unacceptable
Methodology Quantitative Culture
Rejection Criteria Inappropriate specimen, inadequate volume, inappropriate transport device, inappropriate transport conditions (specimen must not be refrigerated or exposed to air), delay in transport. 
Reference Value Negative 
Performed/TAT Monday - Sunday   6 days