Quantiferon TB 
Mnemonic QTFRN TB
CPT 86480
Test Code 4500885
Synonyms Quantiferon TB Gold In-Tube, QFT, TB Gold, QTB
Test Includes  
Specimen Whole Blood
Volume 3 (1.0 mL) aliquots
Container 1 Quantiferon-TB Grey top tube and 1 Quantiferon-TB Red top tube and 1 Quantiferon-TB Purple top tube. Draw in this order: Grey-Red-Purple. Tubes should be between 63-77F at the time of blood filling.
Special Instructions  
Specimen Prep Immediatley after filling, shake all 3 tubes 10 times just firmly enough to ensure that the inner surfaces of the tubes are coated in blood. Specimens collected by butterfly needle must have the line cleared of air before filling Quantiferon-TB tubes. Specimens must be received at Wisconsin Diagnostic Labs within 16 hours of collection. Do NOT centrifuge, refrigerate or freeze.
Storage Room Temperature; DO NOT Refrigerate
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 16 hours
Stability Refrig  
Stability Frozen  
Methodology Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)
Rejection Criteria Specimens that have been centrifuged, refrigerated or frozen. Tubes that are grossly over or underfilled. 
Reference Value Interpretive report 
Performed/TAT Monday - Friday   2-4 days    
Comments Clients unable to meet the transport time requirements should contact their service representative BEFORE collecting specimens regarding other options.