Obstetric Panel 
Mnemonic OB PN
CPT 80055, Medicare: 85025†, 86900, 86901, 86850, 86592†, 86762, 87340
Test Code 1004430
Synonyms  OB Panel
Test Includes CBC with Differential (CBCD), ABO and Rh(D) Type, Antibody Screen (Indirect Coombs), RPR, Rubella Antibody IgG, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Specimen See individual tests.
Volume See individual tests.
Container 2 SST; 3 Lavender-top (EDTA) tubes
Special Instructions See individual tests for special instructions
Specimen Prep Centrifuge* the SST
Storage Refrigerate
Transport Temp  
Stability Rm Temp See individual tests.
Stability Refrig See individual tests.
Stability Frozen See individual tests.
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Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value See individual tests for reference ranges 
Performed/TAT Monday - Friday        
Comments If antibody screen is positive, antibody identification and direct antiglobulin test automatically performed. Clinically significant antibodies are titered.