Norovirus Nucleic Acid Amplified Test (NAAT) 
Mnemonic V NOV NAAT
CPT 87798 x2
Test Code 7000238
Synonyms Norwalk virus NAAT, Norovirus PCR, Norovirus RT-PCR
Test Includes Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for the qualitative detection of norovirus nucleic acid.
Specimen Unformed (liquid or soft) stool
Volume Unformed Stool: 5.0 mL
Container Stool transport vial without preservatives (ParaPak white-capped clean vial)
Special Instructions Do not submit formed stool.
Specimen Prep Collect 5 mL of liquid or soft stool and place in sterile collection vial without preservatives(ParaPak white-capped clean vial). Refrigerate specimen.
Storage Refrigerated
Transport Temp Refrigerated
Stability Rm Temp 24 hours
Stability Refrig 48 hours
Stability Frozen 5 days
Methodology Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR)
Rejection Criteria Formed stool specimen, leaking specimen, rectal swab 
Reference Value Negative 
Performed/TAT Monday - Sunday   24 hours    
Comments Norovirus infection of humans primarily occurs with viruses in Genogroups I and II, which are comprised of multiple genotypes. More than 70% of human infections are caused by the GII.4 genotype. This test detects Genogroups I and II. It does not differentiate the Genotypes within each Genogroup.