Litholink Urine Panel 
CPT 83986, 81050, 82140,82340,82436, 82507 x2, 82570, 83735, 83945, 84105, 84133, 84300, 84392, 84540, 84560, 82615
Test Code 3550477
Test Includes  
Specimen Urine (24 Hour) 
Volume 50.0 mL 
Container Litholink urine container (24 hour) with Litholink preservative tube and lid.
Special Instructions Have the patient collect all urine into the container for 24 hours. Urine preservative tube and lid must be in the urine collection jug at the start of the collection. Have the patient record the date of collection and the start and stop time on the urine jug.
Specimen Prep Urine specimen should remain at room temperature (but may be refrigerated) during and after collection. Shake collection container, fill green top Litholink aliquot tube with 50 mL of urine.
Storage Room Temperature
Transport Temp  
Stability Rm Temp 4 days
Stability Refrig Unacceptable
Stability Frozen Unacceptable
Rejection Criteria Refrigeration 
Reference Value   
Performed/TAT One time per week   10 working days    
Comments As of February 14, 2017 Litholink kits are mailed directly to the patients by Litholink. The physicians should place the order with directly with Litholink for the kit.