Lead ZPP Panel Industrial Exposure 
CPT 84202, 83655†, 85018†
Test Code 8004042
Test Includes Lead, ZPP
Specimen Whole Blood
Volume 3.0 mL whole blood
Container Lavender Top (EDTA) Tube
Special Instructions None required
Specimen Prep Send whole blood to the testing area. Do not process.
Storage Refrigerate
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 24 hours
Stability Refrig 1 week
Stability Frozen DO NOT FREEZE
Methodology See individual tests
Rejection Criteria 1.If serum is received instead of whole blood. 2.If there is insufficient sample quantity to perform the analysis. 3.If the specimen is clotted. 4.Do not accept specimens without proper identification. 
Reference Value Lead Normal Range: < 5.0 µg/dL; Critical High: 0-18 years: >= 45 µg/dL; >18 years: >= 70 µg/dL Refer to the OSHA guidelines when blood lead level (BLL) is >=40 µg/dL ZPP Zinc Protoporphyrin, blood: 0-40 µg/dL Zinc Protoporphyrin ratio: 0-69 µmol ZPP/mol heme 
Performed/TAT Monday - Friday        
Comments Specimen contamination must be considered in the interpretation of elevated values. Elevated results should be confirmed with a second sample collected in a certified lead free tube (Royal blue top).