Kidney Stone Urine Panel 
CPT 81003, 82131, 82140, 82340, 82436, 82507, 82570, 83735, 83935, 83945, 84105, 84133, 84300, 84392, 84560
Test Code 1006235
Test Includes Ammonia, calcium, chloride, citrate, creatinine, cystine, magnesium, osmolality, oxalate, pH, phosphours, potassium, sodium, sulfate, total volume, uric acid, saturation ratios, brushite, calcium oxalate, monosodium urate, struvite, graph review
Specimen Urine (24 Hour)
Volume Two 100 mL aliquots
Container Plastic Urine Container (24 Hour), no preservatives
Special Instructions  
Specimen Prep No preservatives required. Take two 100 mL aliquots of the 24-hour urine collection and freeze both specimens. Record total volume and collection time on requisition and aliquots.
Storage Freeze
Transport Temp Frozen
Stability Rm Temp 24 hours
Stability Refrig 24 hours
Stability Frozen 3 months
Methodology See individual tests
Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value Descriptive Report 
Performed/TAT One time per week   10 days    
Comments Note 24 hour volume performed and charged as needed. Submit seperate frozen samples when requesting multiple tests on the same specimen.