KOH-Calcofluor White Fluorescent Fungal Stain 
Mnemonic KOH/CW
CPT 87206
Test Code 6000538
Synonyms KOH prep, Fungal stain, Calcofluor prep, Calcofluor Stain, Thrush
Test Includes Direct exam for fungal organisms
Specimen Cervical; Hair; Mouth; Nails; Skin Scrapings; Tongue Scrapings for Thrush; Vaginal
Volume Hair: 10-12 hairs; Scrapings or Nails: Any amount
Container Sterile Container without preservative; Bacterial Culture Swab
Special Instructions Due to the insensitivity of KOH/Calcofluor preps, fungal culture will automatically be performed and charged on sources other than those listed above.
Specimen Prep HAIR: Remove 10-12 hairs with a forceps and submit in a sterile container. MOUTH, TONGUE SCRAPINGS FOR THRUSH: Collect specimen using culture swab. Alternatively, collect tongue scraping using sterile tongue depressor. Submit in sterile container. NAILS: Clean nail with 70% alcohol, removing debris under nail. Scrape. Submit scrapings in a sterile container. If whole nail is excised, submit nail in sterile container. SKIN SCRAPING: Clean surface with 70% alcohol. Scrape periphery of lesion with scalpel. Submit in a sterile container. VAGINAL, CERVICAL: Collect specimen using a culture swab.
Storage Room Temperature
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 48 hours
Stability Refrig 48 hours
Stability Frozen  
Methodology KOH-Calcofluor White Fluorescent Stain
Rejection Criteria Inadequate volume, inappropriate transport device. 
Reference Value Negative 
Performed/TAT Monday - Sunday   24 hours    
Comments KOH-Calcofluor White fungal stain is automatically performed on most fungal culture requests, excluding blood, bone marrow, CSF, vaginal/cervical, urine, and catheter tips.