Hepatitis B Quantitative Nucleic Acid Amplified Test (NAAT) 
CPT 87517
Test Code 7000010
Synonyms Hep B Quantitative Viral Load, HBV Quantitative Viral Load
Test Includes  
Specimen Serum or Plasma
Volume 2.5 mL
Container 3 DEDICATED Lavender Top (EDTA), SST, or Red Top Tubes (These tubes cannot be used for other testing)
Special Instructions If other tests are requested, additional tubes must be drawn.
Specimen Prep Serum or Plasma must be removed from cells within 24 hours. Centrifuge* within 24 hours and immediately transfer plasma or serum from all three Lavender-top, SST, or Red-top tubes to one Purple Screw Cap Tube. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO TRANSFER ANY BLOOD CELLS TO THIS TUBE. Deliver this tube to the laboratory at room temperature within 24 hours or refrigerated within 3 days.
Storage Refrigerate
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 3 days
Stability Refrig 3 days
Stability Frozen For longer storage, freeze at -20° or below. Once frozen, do not allow to thaw.
Methodology Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Rejection Criteria Specimen not processed within 24 hours from time of collection. Hemolyzed specimen. Specimen collected in Green-top Heparin tube. Delay in transport. 
Reference Value Target not detected, <116 copies/mL, <2.1 Log10 copies/mL, <20 International Units (IU)/mL, and <1.3 Log10 IU/mL.  
Performed/TAT One time per week   24 hours to 7 days    
Comments The dynamic range of this assay is 20 IU/mL – 170,000,000 IU/mL (116 - 989,400,000 copies/mL).; A result of "Target not detected" means that HBV RNA was not detected. This result does not rule out HBV infection, as virus may be present, but below the detectable limit of quantitation.; A result of <20 IU/mL means that the HBV RNA was detected, but under 20 IU/mL.; Reported in copies/mL, in Log10 copies/mL, in International Units (IU)/mL, and in Log10 IU/mL.; Assay results expressed in IU/mL are directly comparable with results from other assay methods.