Growth Hormone Binding Protein (GHBP) 
Mnemonic GHBP
CPT 83519
Test Code 3550174
Test Includes  
Specimen Serum
Volume 1.0 mL
Container SST or Red-top tube
Special Instructions Centrifuge within 1hour of draw and transfer serum to Purple Screw Cap Tube; FREEZE IMMEDIATELY and maintain frozen until tested.
Specimen Prep  
Storage Freeze
Transport Temp Frozen
Stability Rm Temp 1 day
Stability Refrig 1 day
Stability Frozen 180 days
Methodology Ligand Binding Immunoprecipitation
Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value 0-1 year: 125 - 762 pmoL/L 2-9 years: 267 - 1638 pmoL/L 10-14 years: 431 - 1892 pmoL/L 20-50 years: 686 - 2019 pmol/L 
Performed/TAT One time per week   Reported in 7-16 days    
Comments Submit separate frozen samples when requesting multiple tests on the same specimen.