Epstein Barr Virus Nucleic Acid Amplified Test (NAAT) Quantitative, Plasma 
CPT 87799
Test Code 7000094
Synonyms EBV PCR Quantitative, Mononucleosis, Mono
Test Includes  
Specimen Plasma
Volume 2.5 mL
Container 3 DEDICATED Lavender Top (EDTA) Tubes (These tubes cannot be used for other testing).
Special Instructions Centrifuge* as soon as possible and immediately transfer plasma from all three Lavender tubes to one Purple Screw Cap Tube.
Specimen Prep  
Storage Refrigerate
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 4 days
Stability Refrig 4 days
Stability Frozen  Indefinitely
Methodology Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Rejection Criteria Inadequate volume, inappropriate collection tube, centrifuged specimen, inappropriate transport conditions, leaking specimen, delay in transport. 
Reference Value No Epstein-Barr virus DNA detected. 
Performed/TAT Three times per week        
Comments The dynamic range of this assay is 250 to 250,000,000 copies/mL. For patients whose viral load falls below the lower limit, results will be reported as less than 250 copies/mL. These specimens are positive for EBV but at a level where accurate quantitation is limited.