Darkfield Exam For Treponema 
Mnemonic DRK
CPT 87164
Test Code 6000531
Synonyms Dark field exam for Syphillis, Treponema pallidum exam, Spirochetes
Test Includes Examination of wet prep for Spirochetes
Specimen Exudate from suspected lesion
Volume Any amount
Container Clean glass 1" x 3" slide, Sterile Container
Special Instructions For Dark Field exam, specimen must be examined immediately after collection. Notify Dynacare Microbiology laboratory (414-805-7570) prior to specimen collection. If specimen cannot be examined immediately, it can be tested by Warthin-Starry stain.
Specimen Prep Clean the surface of the lesion with sterile saline and blot dry. Superficially abrade the lesion until very slight bleeding occurs. Apply pressure at the base of the lesion until clear fluid exudes. Touch a glass 1" x 3" to the exudate. If the specimen can be examined immediately, hand off slide to technologist to be taken to the Microbiology laboratory for immediate examination. If the specimen cannot be examined immediately, allow to air dry and place in a sterile screw cap container.
Storage Room Temperature
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 30 minutes (for immediate examination); 48 hours (for dry slide for staining)
Stability Refrig  
Stability Frozen  
Methodology Microscopic examination
Rejection Criteria Inadequate specimen, delay in transport 
Reference Value Negative 
Performed/TAT Monday - Friday   Same day (Dark field); 48-72 hours (Warthin-Starry stain)    
Comments All new positive results are called.