DPD 5 Fluorouracil Toxicity 
Mnemonic MISC
CPT 81400
Test Code 3509949
Synonyms 5FU, Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase
Test Includes  
Specimen Whole Blood
Volume 7.0 mL
Container Lavender Top (EDTA) Tube
Special Instructions  
Specimen Prep Do NOT centrifuge.
Storage Refrigerate
Transport Temp Room Temperature
Stability Rm Temp 72 hours
Stability Refrig 72 hours
Stability Frozen Not acceptable
Methodology PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, gel electrophoresis
Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value   
Performed/TAT One time per week        
Comments This procedure will only detect the presence of the wild type or mutant allele for the DPD IVS14+1G>A mutation.