ANA Reflex to Comprehensive Profile 
Test Code 4500925
Test Includes ANA Screen with automatic reporting of 11 ANA-specific antibodies. ANA-specific antibodies: dsDNA, chromatin, ribosome, centromere, JO-1, SCL-70, Sm, SmRNP, RNP A/68, SSA 60/52, SSB.
Specimen Serum
Volume 1.0 mL
Container SST
Special Instructions Centrifuge for Red top only, transfer serum to Plastic Transport Tube
Specimen Prep  
Storage 2-8°C
Transport Temp Refrigerated
Stability Rm Temp  
Stability Refrig 7 days
Stability Frozen 1 month
Methodology Multiplex Flow Immunoassay
Rejection Criteria   
Reference Value ANA Screen: 0.0-0.9 AI (Antibody Index) dsDNA: 0-4 IU/mL negative; 5-9 IU/mL indeterminate. All other individual antibodies: 0.0-0.9 AI (Antibody Index)  
Performed/TAT Monday - Sunday        
Comments A positive ANA Screen will reflex to report individual results for all ANA specific antibodies listed above.