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Our Cytology Department performs over 75,000 PAP smears per year. Our dedicated staff of Cytopathologists, with many years of experience, supports our committed team of certified Cytotechnologists. We are highly efficient in liquid-base pap smear technologies including SurePath and ThinPrep.


Benefits of the liquid based technology:

Easy collection protocol
Specimen quality significantly improved over conventional pap smear preparation.

Significantly more effective than conventional pap smears for the detection of low grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (LSIL).

Computer Assisted PAP Smears:

Utilizing the Tripath’s FocalPoint Automated Slide Profiler, we are able to offer the best combination of professional skills, as well as computer-assisted technology in the fight against cervical cancer.

Benefits of FocalPoint:

Enhances review capabilities
Highlights abnormalities that may otherwise be overlooked
Reduces false negatives
Increase the detection of squamous lesions.
Enhances sensitivity and improves specificity


Follow-up letters on abnormal results
Correlation of biopsies and pap results
Monthly management reports to include percent unsatisfactory, abnormal and negative cases

Our Cytology department also performs testing on non-GYN samples to include:

Fine Needle Aspirates
Urine Hemosiderin
Tzanck Smear
Gastro-intestinal brushings
Bronchial brushings
Sputum Cytology
CSF Cytology
Nipple Secretion


For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Saul Suster, MD
Professor & Chairman, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Chris Hospidales
Manager, Anatomic Pathology



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